Pricing per person unless specified. Pricing includes all service utensils and disposable plating. Deposit may be required on non disposable equipment.

  • Breakfast

    Breakfast Pastries- $3

    A seasonal assortment of Muffins, scones and croissants

    The Continental- $13

    An assortment of breakfast pastry, fresh delicious fruit, orange juice, coffee

    Breakfast Tacos-$3 per taco

    scrambled eggs, bacon, fontina, black beans, cilantro, soft flour tortilla

    The Breakfast Sandwich- $7

    Fried egg and tomato with cheddar and your choice of marinated tofu or maple sausage on a hand made english muffin.

    Granola Parfait- $8

    yogurt & seasonal fresh fruit with Bonbon’s signature almond granola

    Corned Beef or Tofu Hash- $13

    shredded corned beef OR marinated tofu with roasted root vegetables, peppers, onions, mushrooms and brussel sprouts, sunny eggs and baguette

    French Toast-$12

    vanilla Bean french toast, seasonal preparation

    Breakfast Nacho Platter-$80 (feeds 10-15 happy people)

    chorizo, egg, avocado, black beans, peppers, onions, pico de gallo, cheddar

    Quiche- $15 per pie (4 generous portions)

    black bean with tomato & peppers, cheddar with bacon


    Brioche Cinnamon Buns $24 (8 LARGE servings)

    Maple Crullers $1 each

    Fruit Salad $5 (per person)

    Coffee $22 (8 servings including cups, lids n’ fixins)

    Orange Juice $2.95 (per person)

  • Lunch

    Bonbon Boxbox or Platterplatter- $15 per person

    Lunches include:

    • Sandwich OR Salad***
    • Side Salad & Potato Salad OR Coleslaw
    • Bonbon Chocolate Chip Cookie, mini cupcake or brownie
    • Bottled Water


    Please limit your selection to 3 sandwiches when creating platters.  Salads are prepared family style.   Thanks!

    -Tuna Melt:  The classic on house made brioche with a pickle

    -Turkey & Gruyere, roasted onion, bacon and apple chutney on sourdough

    -Chicken & Bacon: grilled and chilled chicken, bacon, mixed greens, tomato, basil mayo, avocado

    -Reuben: corned beef, sauerkraut, gruyere, grain mustard, Russian dressing, marble rye

    -Meatloaf Sandwich:  house made meatloaf, Cleveland Sauce, onion rings on herbed focaccia

    • Salads (served family style or boxed individually)

    • $12 per person *** Does NOT include side salad and potato salad***

    • -Cobb Salad: chicken, mixed greens, muenster cheese, bacon, avocado, tomato, pickled egg, pumpkin seeds, figs
      -Sunshine Salad: mozzarella, chickpeas, quinoa, beets, roasted butternut squash, orange, kale
  • Dinner

    Bonbon would love to host your evening’s entertainment. The cafe can be rented out for your event and tailored to fit your needs.

    We cater

    - Appetizer Receptions
    - Plated Dinners
    - Buffets
    - Cocktail Parties
    - Dessert Receptions
    - Recitals
    - Business Events

  • Menus available on request.  Please email

    *Event must be paid in full prior to the event and is non-refundable*

  • Desserts

    A selection of individual pastries can be customized to your taste. Please see our pastry menu. Prices vary based on selection, call for more information or to set up a consultation.